My Artwork

My artwork has much been influenced by a more diverse range of factors, experiences, social beliefs and bulk of information. Furthermore the source of my inspiration comes from the place where I spent my childhood and grew up, but it also comes from my current experience in Europe. The fusion of two dissimilar cultures has opened my mind and given me a different perception about many things. 

In my work I reflect on different feelings and characters which are familiar with day to day life. Through visual signs i reproduce the indefinable behavioral nature of mankind associate it with the advancement of technological triumph and compose this in to surreal pieces. Instead of symbolizing or representing a single topic, my works reflect different ideas together by utilizing phenomena which I have observed in my surrounding. Ideas are the means for the making and process of art and my artwork is the reflection of these.

I do not limit myself to one medium, however painting is the simplest medium to reflect my concept also its versatile medium and so easy to experiment in.

The human figure is a main significant organic form and I use it as a means to transfer my sentiment and Ideas. I do not reproduce visual forms which are familiar in reality and focused on details Instead; I distort reality to some degree. The overstated figure is a reflection of pointless or indescribable thoughts. The arrangement of the figure has a relationship with the impact of instant of time. In my work moment and circumstances influence the stream of ideas and its continuity. Mostly Ideas on which I focus have a link with the following themes.

My recent artworks take some inspiration from cinematography. To some extent, the arrangement of the artwork is like a camera view from different angels.  Body parts arranged from different viewpoints like a single scene in the movie shot from different angles.